Boldly, a new plant-based food brand, announced the forthcoming launch of its line of 100% vegan seafood, including calamari, salmon and tuna sashimi, shrimp, crab sticks, and white fish filets. Boldly is disrupting the plant-based food and seafood industry with products that deliver on taste and texture like that of conventional seafood. The offerings bring cutting-edge innovation and diversity to the young, but fast-growing plant-based seafood category.

As consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental and sustainability issues tied to seafood such as overfishing and health concerns from high mercury and heavy metal levels, Boldly is bringing 100% vegan seafood to the $600+ billion global seafood market. With konjac root vegetable as a core ingredient, Boldly is on a mission to accelerate the proliferation of plant-based proteins in foodservice by creating a positive experience centered around community while addressing health and environmental concerns. 

Boldly is founded by Allen Zelden, who is also co-founder of PlantForm, the private label arm of a plant-based manufacturing operation with global distribution across five continents and over 1,000 SKU's on the market. The brand will launch this summer through restaurant and foodservice partnerships across the country, with the goal of serving flexitarian consumers who are looking to adjust their seafood intake by including plant-based alternatives.