Michael Angelo's, a producer of foods inspired by Italian culinary traditions of Nonna Foti passed down from generations, is entering the sauce aisle for the first time with the launch of Michael Angelo's Pasta Sauce, available in four varieties. Best known for frozen Italian-inspired meals, Michael Angelo's uses only wholesome ingredients to offer easy meal solutions that taste as good as homemade.

At a time when consumers continue to prioritize value to combat food inflation while also seeking clean label, high quality items, Michael Angelo's new sauce line is an affordable solution to create easy at-home meals for busy households. Michael Angelo's sauces are made with fewer than 10 ingredients, and, unlike many other jarred sauces, do not contain tomato paste or added sugars*, delivering uncompromising, Italian flavor.

Michael Angelo's was founded by an Italian family using their Sicilian grandmother's, Nonna Foti, authentic recipes, and honoring her commitment to fine ingredients and tried and true cooking methods. Also inspired by Nonna Foti's original Italian recipes, Michael Angelo's Pasta Sauces are made from naturally sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes that are slow-simmered to achieve the perfect flavor and texture.

Michael Angelo's new sauce line includes four varieties:

Nonna's Secret Marinara: Made with naturally sweet, slow-simmered tomatoes.

Nonna's Secret Tomato Basil: Marinara sauce with the addition of bright basil.

Nonna's Secret Roasted Garlic: Combines slow-simmered tomatoes with kettle-roasted garlic for a classic sauce that delivers on flavor.

Nonna's Secret Spicy Marinara: A special blend of spices brings just the right amount of heat to this flavorful sauce.

Michael Angelo's Pasta Sauce line is now available exclusively at select Walmart locations nationwide for the retail price of $4.48 (SRP).

*Not a low calorie food.  See nutrition information and sugar and calorie content.