Life Cuisine™ introduced new recipes across a variety of formats with innovative ingredients, lifestyle options like cauliflower bites, gluten free pasta, single-serve cauliflower crust pizza, piadas and more.

One of the latest brands from Nestlé, Life Cuisine delivers food made with nutrients and ingredients that help consumers thrive. The recipes are inspired by four popular ways of eating: high protein, meatless, gluten free and low carb lifestyle. With a variety of offerings for any time of day, Life Cuisine provides thoughtfully created recipes designed for different lifestyles.

Available nationwide now at your local grocery store, these new offerings include an array of on-trend, flavorful and nutrition-forward ingredients, from spiralized zucchini to riced cauliflower, pasta made with chickpeas, cauliflower gnocchi and more. Life Cuisine meals are a nutritious option for anyone looking for a simplified way to explore new flavors and recipes that align with their lifestyle.

As part of this new product launch, Life Cuisine has teamed up with BANZA® Pasta to create two new, exciting recipes to give consumers more gluten free options in the freezer aisle. Banza Pasta is one of the fastest growing dry pasta brands in the grocery store, which makes it ideal for Life Cuisine. The two new Life Cuisine dishes made with Banza pasta are fully prepared entrées that offer a gluten free twist on traditional pasta dishes.

More about Life Cuisine's 10 new recipes:

• Triple Cheese Macaroni & Cheese Bowl made with Banza chickpea pasta: A gluten free version of macaroni and cheese. It is made with Banza chickpea penne pasta and a creamy Vermont white cheddar cheese, Parmesan and Asiago Romano cheese sauce, featuring 28g of protein and 6g of fiber.

• Pasta Bolognese made with Banza chickpea pasta: This gluten free dish made with Banza chickpea penne pasta is coated in a rich, hearty Bolognese sauce and offers 32g of protein and 9g of fiber.

• Cauliflower Crust Chicken Mozzarella Piada and Cauliflower Crust Chicken Bacon Ranch Piada: With these cauliflower crust piadas, you can enjoy a convenient and popular sandwich without the gluten! And they each have at least 18g of protein.

• Cauliflower Crust Three Meat Pizza: Life Cuisine™ introduced a new gluten free cauliflower crust pizza. A three-meat variety, topped with pepperoni, sausage, beef and mozzarella cheese. This pizza has 18g of protein.

• Teriyaki Chicken Bowl: With 18g of protein, this gluten free recipe features grilled white meat chicken and a sweet teriyaki glaze with riced cauliflower, edamame, carrots and broccoli.

• Pesto Cauliflower Gnocchi Bowl: Featuring trendy cauliflower gnocchi, this Meatless bowl is tossed with basil pesto and topped with Parmesan cheese to create a meal with 14g of protein and 7g of fiber.

• Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites: These Meatless buffalo-style cauliflower bites are re-imagined with cauliflower florets breaded and tossed in a mild buffalo sauce. The plant-based bites are also a good source of Vitamin C*.

• Meatlovers Zoodles Bowl: This Low Carb Lifestyle bowl features spiralized zucchini imported from Italy, Italian sausage, pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese has 12g of net carbs** so you can enjoy the great taste of a pasta dish. The dish also offers 17g of protein.

• Beef with Broccoli Bowl: Made with riced cauliflower, this Low Carb Lifestyle bowl features juicy strips of steak, broccoli and red peppers with an Asian-style sauce. The dish contains 15g of net carbs** and 13g of protein.

New Life Cuisine items are now available at retailers nationwide for an SRP of $4.29-$4.69 (prices may vary by retailer).

*See nutrition information for sodium content
**Net Carbs = g Carbs – g Fiber