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Lindsay Wisener
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Sugar Reduction: New Strategies, Ingredient Solutions

Prepared Foods talks all things sugar reduction—from ingredients to formulation strategies—with Lindsay Wisener, owner and principal at WiseBev, a beverage development consultancy.

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New and Novel Proteins?

Food and beverage product developers continue to uncover innovative approaches to introducing protein ingredients into formulations. In this video, we highlight protein ingredients set to impact the industry in 2023.

Top Five Botanicals

Ethnobotanist and regular contributor Kerry Hughes, MSc, identifies the top five botanicals to add flavor and health to products for everything from mood, to energy, or immunity.

Immunity Infographic
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Immunity's Ongoing Appeal

Although immunity might be plateauing as a topic, consumers are still seeking products with probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fibers, mushrooms, and botanicals to help avoid illness.


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Healthy Product, Healthy Planet

Most consumers regard “planet health” is a critical component of the healthy-product equation. In fact, more than 80% believe environmental health is a key factor for better overall health. Here, PF looks at products and trends impacting consumers and the marketplace.