In the crowded field of plant-based animal proteins, the focus typically is on meat, dairy, and poultry analogs. But what about eggs?

While egg replacers from starches and proteins as substitute ingredients in baking formulations are common, very few players are tackling the breakfast table side of the equation. David Feder, Executive Editor-Technical for Prepared Foods sits down with Harold Bollaci, founder and CEO of The Vegg New York, LLC, and Rocky Shepherd, co-founder, inventor and artist, makers of The Vegg.

Vegg offers a unique approach to plant-based animal protein analogs. It not only has a scrambled version but a way to make the product into a spherical egg yolk. When combined with a thinly fried soft tofu—voila!—it comes out sunny-side up. They discuss the challenges, successes, and future of plant-based egg replacers and how they are answering the age-old question of which came first by taking the hen completely out of the picture.

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