Sioux Natural is introducing Veggan, a plant-based egg substitute that matches the nutritional and functional properties of whole eggs in baking, while minimizing the health risks we've come to know with conventional eggs.

Veggan was formulated as a complete egg replacement in the following bakery applications: waffles, donuts, cookies, muffins, cake mixes and breads.

"We are proud to offer a clean, plant-based, allergen-free egg alternative in a time where large-scale egg production can't keep up with maintaining the health and safety of their flocks or their eggs," said Paula Persinger, president of Sioux Natural, LLC. “Veggan is a natural choice for people avoiding animal products, allergens, and GMOs, and for the companies who'd like to make food for them while also benefitting from cost and risk reduction."

Since Veggan is created through sustainable, minimally processed, GRAS certified ingredients, it virtually eliminates the risks we've come to recognize—and bear—from large-scale egg production practices. Using Veggan, home and bakery owners alike can benefit from:

Identical performance: Veggan offers a 1:1 volume and weight substitution, which eliminates the need for additional allowances or reformulations.

Reduced cost: Veggan's ingredients are available and easily sourced at a cost savings to eggs.

Stable pricing: Without having to rely on flock health, using plant-based Veggan minimizes the price increases that occur when chicken populations are fighting widespread illness, like the Avian Flu in 2015.

Reduced bacterial risk: Not only is Veggan immune to bird illnesses, it also substantially reduces the microbial risk for salmonella and listeria in a way that large-scale egg production simply can't.

Prevents recalls: When eggs get recalled, so do every product and recipe they touch. Using Veggan helps preserve corporate bottom lines, company reputations, and the health of the end-consumer.