Claussen, the 150-year-old brand known for its signature refrigerated pickles, is entering the dessert space for the first time and has teamed up with New York-based bite-sized dessert company, Baked by Melissa, to create a pickle cupcake to celebrate National Pickle Month. Combining Claussen’s tangy flavor with Baked by Melissa’s famous handcrafted cupcakes, these bite-sized delights feature a dill pickle-infused cake and pickle buttercream icing complete with festive red and white sprinkles on top.

Pickles are all the rage, especially among Gen Z, and TikTok has played a significant role in amplifying this trend with the hashtag "pickle" garnering over 3.7 billion views. Google searches for pickles have surged by 3,800% since the start of 2023 with 73% of Americans reporting that they enjoy the taste of pickles. 

Last year, Claussen entered the beverage space for the first time launching a sparkling wine cocktail, and this summer, it’s all about desserts. 

The Baked by Melissa x Claussen Pickle Cupcake will be available in packs of six or 25 while supplies last. The 6-pack is available exclusively at all Baked by Melissa store locations for $10.25 while the 25-pack is exclusive to for $37.00 for nationwide shipping.