Well, my smart and dedicated readers, it's that time again. That's right, I'm in need of a haircut. I must be barbed, at once! I cannot be expected to stroll our town's promenade with errant follicles springing from my bowler like stems of an unattended arugula plant. I'm a gentleman!

So, it is with some hesitation that I have agreed to take a barber recommendation from my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day. Sherwood has been donning the same haircut since 1971, a forgettable fashion we used to call a whiffle, others refer to it as a buzz-cut. I cannot believe I am taking him up on his suggestion, but I have no choice.

Typically, I cut my own hair, as my father did before me and his father before him. But, as you are well aware, my fingers are suffering from an unbalanced number of splinters I picked up during a trip the lumber yard last week. I cannot hold a comb, much less a pair of thinning scissors!

So, I am at the mercy of Sherwood, a position I often find myself in, and one that I truly dislike.

I am off in a matter of minutes. Perhaps I will Tweet about the results. Beware, you could be revolted beyond repair.

And now, your weekly reduction... Articles and videos surrounding the topic of regulations and claims in food and beverage product development.

“Whatever has a hoof and cleaves it completely in two hooves and at the same time chews its cud…this may you eat.” Leviticus 11

New data from Mintel's Global New Products Database (GNPD) has spotlighted the most frequent health-focused on-package claims for new products in the food and beverage industry.

While it is true there is no official U.S. government definition for the term “natural” pertaining to the food industry, the FDA does refer to natural ingredients as “ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically.”

The use of certain words and phrases could result in a company making certain claims it does not realize it is making and did not intend to make.

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Managing Regulatory Trends with Product Development Software

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TTB Regulations and Their Impact on Formulating Alcoholic Beverages with Flavors

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