What in the world is at the root of all this? I routinely ask this question over a French dip sandwich with my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day. In what has become a tiresome practice, he shows up at my house every Tuesday afternoon with a warm crock-pot of French dip makings and a baguette. I cannot bring myself to turn him away. The smell of the meat floating in a rich liquid casts a spell on me.

And so, we sit and eat and I ask, what is at the root of all this. Sherwood usually shrugs and bites into a soggy section of sandwich. However, this past Tuesday he offered rare insight. "It's all in the sauce." My goodness! He was right! I wince as I admit it, but Sherwood Day was right. It is all in the sauce. And you, product developers, you cunning folk, you know best that it is all in the sauce.

Sauce! The root of it all! Our questions, answered! You wonderful people! Keep making sauces and marinades! We wait, salivating!


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