When I think of dairy, I think of a three-dimensional wedge of cheese, which conjures an image of a mouse. That leads me to cartoons, which leads me to children, which leads me to babies. I am taking care of a baby right now. A toddler, really. My sister got a new job and while she finds day-care I am her stand-in nanny. I've been with the child for less than an hour and am feeling rather exhausted. I'm chasing her around the house, pulling things out of her hands, pleading with her to not damage the stereo, praying that the cat doesn't scratch her when she pulls its ears. I would much rather be eating cheese, alone.

Oh, that's not true. I'm actually enjoying the experience. I'm laughing alongside her as she finds a fascinating world inside a used strip of green gift ribbon. It's all fun. In all seriousness though, I could really go for some cheese.

But no. I mean, we just got through dancing. There's hardly anything more fueled with pure joy than a dancing toddler. That, and a really good aged cheddar. The cheddar isn't fueled with joy, but you are when you consume it. Well, let's consider that for a moment. Perhaps the cheddar is fueled with joy and you're eating pure joy when you eat a really great cheddar.

Dairy equals joy. So do dancing children. We'll call it a draw.

Now to business. Your honest-to-goodness interest. Below are articles and videos to help you make better dairy products, better joy.

Defining Dairy
Milk processors have turned to efforts to make milk a more convenient option, with extended shelflife packaging and on-the-go convenience.

Five New Flavors of Greek Yogurt
Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt added five new flavors to its line of bars

Cheese Market Swells
The demand for cheese is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% in terms of revenue from 2013-19

Kraft Reformulates Cheese Singles
Kraft Foods is taking an artificial preservative out of some of its individually wrapped Kraft Singles slices

Yogurt and Diabetes
Eating yogurt may significantly reduce chances of getting adult-onset diabetes

Cost Reduction in Processed Cheese Products and Dressings with Potato Starch Solutions

Inclusions and Particulates: Value Added Delivery System

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