Asia’s beverage category was the innovator for introducing drinks claiming to enhance consumers’ outward beauty. Western countries have since adopted the trend, as the appearance of such beauty drinks are growing in these markets’ launches. Interestingly, one manufacturer has moved one prevalent beauty claim from the beverage category to an unexpected segment in food. Regeneration USA developed its Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar to help boost the body’s immune system and maximize nutrients that might slow the catalysts of aging. The Regeneration Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar boasts an unparalleled list of age-defying compounds that include the following: DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol, linked to increasing the lifespan), C-ester, alpha lipoic acid, and omegas -3, - 6 and -9. Also present in the bar’s ingredient list are blends of organic Superfruits and extracts high in anti-inflammatory levels and fruit-derived antioxidants. The snack category can expect a rise in anti-aging claims in the upcoming months.

Mintel GNPD