Formulating reduced-fat dessert mixes, cakes, pastries and cookies with texture and sensory properties that closely match a full-fat standard just got easier. National Starch Food Innovation’s HOMECRAFT® Create 765 is a new product the company claims will reduce the cost of indulgent baked goods, by reducing the fat content by as much as 60%.

By reducing the fat fraction in the raw materials to improve transport and mixing, HOMECRAFT Create 765 can also bring processing benefits. It carries a wheat flour label declaration, so producers do not have to change their ingredients list.

“The cost savings for producers can be significant,” states Bob Allin, marketing director, North America. “HOMECRAFT Create 765 could save $.08 on a unit of dry mix. If a company produces 1 million units, the savings could add up to $80,000.” The company also has data on fat and cost reduction for ready-to-eat products.

In addition to savings, HOMECRAFT Create 765 can help manufacturers improve the nutritional profile of their products by reducing total calories, calories from fat and grams of fat per serving, says the company. In a sample brownie formulation, a 25% reduction in fat (from 8g to 6g) led to a 20-calorie decrease in total calories and calories from fat in a 28g serving.

In addition, National Starch maintains the fat reductions, with its new approach, do not negatively impact texture. Extensive sensory evaluation of the qualities that go into good-tasting baked goods has resulted in the ability to reduce fat and still deliver the indulgence, chewiness and satisfaction customers expect from an indulgent baked good. pf

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