September 30/Omaha, Neb./Business Wire -- ConAgra Foods Inc. has presented research suggesting that portion-controlled frozen meals eaten as part of a reduced-calorie eating plan helped participants learn proper portions. A main contributor to calorie overconsumption is portion distortion.

"Multiple studies have shown that right-sized portions play a vital role in helping people lose weight," said Kristin Reimers, PhD, nutrition manager, ConAgra Foods. "Consumers in our study all reported eating Healthy Choice meals for lunch and/or dinner for 30 days helped them better understand proper portion size."

ConAgra Foods, the maker of Healthy Choices frozen meals, revealed its research at the American Dietetic Association's Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo held in San Diego. As part of the study, 32 participants between the ages of 25-65 replaced at least 10 meals per week (seven lunches and at least three dinners) with a portion-controlled frozen meal from Healthy Choice. Participants accompanied the meals with two or three food items, such as salad, skim milk and fruit, and were encouraged to increase lifestyle activity and walk up to 150 minutes per week. Participants lost an average of six pounds and saw their waistlines reduced by about an inch.

"People in our study found it easy to replace the 10 meals per week with a Healthy Choice meal, and the results were really strong -- weight loss, body fat loss and reduced waist circumference," Reimers said. "Dietary Guidelines for Americans state that a key strategy for weight loss is proper portions. Portion controlled Healthy Choice meals offers individuals a way to help achieve that recommendation."

Survey authors were Reimers, Sabrina Pardo, Diane Kawiecki and James Rippe.

 From the October 3, 2011, Prepared Foods' Daily News.