November 2011/Prepared Foods-- Not only foods and beverages, but the oil and gas industries, use guar gum for different types of drilling. This means the availability of guar gum, a finite resource, is further constrained. Since TIC Gums is not simply a gum supplier, it is not limited by the availability of a single product. A focus on the fundamental characteristics of texture has led to a new, customized gum system, Ticaloid® GE 306. This ingredient can replace guar gum on a one-to-one basis for instant (powdered) beverages, says the company. Ticaloid GE 306 also improves the thickness of the finished beverage--a function guar alone cannot provide. This blend of ingredients, with reduced levels of guar, is cold water-soluble, has comparable qualities of 100% guar gum, and provides a clean flavor profile and improved mouthfeel over guar gum. TIC Gums,