August 17/Willmar, Minn. -- Jennie-O Turkey Store added a new and improved Jennie-O turkey bacon, making its debut in stores across the country starting this month. The product promises significantly less sodium and fat than pork bacon.  

"Jennie-O Turkey Store is on a mission to help the world discover the great taste of turkey. We encourage anyone who wants to give breakfast a wake-up call to try our new and improved Jennie-O turkey bacon," said Jen Ehresmann, Jennie-O Turkey Store director of marketing.

The new Jennie-O turkey bacon has a new recipe and a new zipper packaging to keep it fresh.  

"When you have turkey or other proteins for breakfast it helps with overall satiety and hunger management—whether you're trying to lose or maintain your weight, or just want to kick-start your day," said Chef Devin Alexander, a health and wellness expert and best-selling author. "Jennie-O makes it easy to create a protein-rich breakfast that can help boost metabolism and keep you feeling full until lunch."

Americans think breakfast is better with bacon, according to a recent survey. The survey showed that bacon is the most popular breakfast protein, with more people eating bacon at breakfast than any other meal. Among regular bacon eaters, taste was the number-one quality driving consumers to eat bacon.

Some 40% of survey respondents also listed high fat content and high levels of sodium as their most important concerns when selecting bacon. Younger people were more likely to turn to turkey bacon for a better way to give breakfast a wake-up call, according to the survey.

The new Jennie-O turkey bacon has 60% less sodium and 60% less fat than conventional pork bacon, according to USDA data. Per serving, sodium has been reduced from 340mg to 130mg. The product contains no MSG, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, no trans fats and no partially hydrogenated fats. It is gluten-free.