September 20/Bethesda, Md. -- Honest Tea unveiled its reformulated Honest Kids “fruit-juice sweetened” line of beverages.  All five varieties of the popular pouches have removed the organic cane sugar and increased the juice content.  Honest Kids beverages now have between 30-42% juice, an increase between 12-26 percentage juice, depending on variety. Nutritionally, the drinks remain at 40 calories per 6.75 fluid oz. pouch.

“Honest Kids has experienced dramatic growth to the point where it is almost a third of our business,” said co-founder and TeaEO Seth Goldman. “We are excited we found a way to deliver the same not-too-sweet taste by sweetening the drinks only with fruit juice.”

Additionally, the graphics on Honest Kids pouches and cartons have been updated to feature fruit photography emphasizing the flavors in each variety. The updated look is intended to align the appearance of Honest Kids with the clean, simple look of Honest Tea and Honest Ade.

The Honest Kids “fruit-juice sweetened” line of beverages will also be available in a brand new, 59oz multi-serve bottle. The new bottle, with an easy to pour grip and embossed with the words “HONEST” and “ORGANIC” on the neck, is designed for home consumption.  “We received numerous requests from parents who wanted a larger package for families to enjoy at home,” Goldman said.

The company’s five Honest Kids varieties are: Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Goodness Grapeness, Tropical Tango Punch, Super Fruit Punch, and Appley Ever After.  The eight-pouch cartons will debut in natural food stores in October and grocery stores nationwide starting January 2013.  Three varieties -- Berry Berry Good Lemonade, Super Fruit Punch and Goodness Grapeness -- will be available in new, redesigned 59 fluid oz. multi-serve bottles launching during the same time period.