Phillips Soup in-body

November 20/Baltimore -- Phillips Foods now offers four popular classic Seafood Soups.  All are convenient, frozen, single-serve, 10oz. microwaveable bowls intended to be consumed directly out of the bowl it comes in -- perfect for one.   

Convenience and authentic quality make “Soup for One” ideal as a lunch option and also great for a quick dinner nicely paired with a delicious salad.   All four Soups are the same recipes found on the menu at Phillips popular restaurants on the Eastern Shore.  Each recipe is scratch made by Phillips own restaurant chefs and are among the best sellers for decades.

Seafood Soups popularity are fast on the rise, as one of two U.S. households buy frozen seafood today.  Made from premium ingredients and proteins, each soup is microwaveable in five minutes, designed to be conveniently eaten directly out of the bowl it comes in and meets today’s demand for genuine flavor.

Phillips Seafood Soups come in the following flavors:
Cream of Crab - most popular soup with a thick bodied creamy base and includes wild-caught crab meat
New England Clam Chowder - classic cream based soup and includes wild-caught U.S. clams
Maryland Style Vegetable Crab - eastern shore favorite and includes wild-caught crab meat
Lobster Bisque - made with real cream and butter in a savory base