Multisorb can customize its sorbents (oxygen absorbers, desiccants and other gas absorbers) for optimum performance in fresh and processed meats. Multisorb’s MAPLOX Program extends the shelflife of fresh meat in a mother bag for up to 21 days. MAPLOX is a low-oxygen, modified-atmosphere packaging program for whole-muscle meats, ground beef and value-added meat products, such as kabobs, sliders and meatloaf. Meanwhile, Multisorb’s optimized sorbent solutions (FreshPax, FreshMax or FreshCard Oxygen Absorbers) are ideal for processed meats. Whether it’s pepperoni, beef jerky or deli meat, Multisorb can design a solution to eliminate oxygen and manage moisture. The result is retention of color and better flavor for far longer, allowing extended distribution. – Multisorb Technologies