Cottage Cheese with Sea Salt in body

May 3/Grand Rapids, Mich.-- Responding to the increasing consumer trend of incorporating sea salt into food and the health benefits of reducing sodium in the diet, Country Fresh has introduced the first cottage cheese made with sea salt that is sold in Michigan. Country Fresh Cottage Cheese Made With Sea Salt is now available to consumers in the state of Michigan through supermarkets and grocery stores.

“Country Fresh Cottage Cheese Made With Sea Salt has the great taste of sea salt consumers crave, and it is lower in sodium,” said Bill Riley, Country Fresh general manager. “Our customers are looking for great-tasting products with less sodium, and this new cottage cheese delivers on both.”

Most Americans tend to get too much of the wrong nutrients. Near the top of the overdo list, after fat, are sugar and salt.

“Besides tasting great and having lower sodium, this new product is made from 100% milk produced by Michigan farmers,” Riley added.

Country Fresh Cottage Cheese Made With Sea Salt is produced exclusively from the milk of Michigan cows, and it has 1/3 less sodium than traditional cottage cheese. The product is available in milkfat levels from 1-4% and comes in 16oz., 24oz. and 48oz. packages.

Country Fresh Cottage Cheese is sold at Spartan Stores, Meijer and independent grocery stores throughout Michigan.