Steak & Portobello Ravioli, Joseph's gourmet pasta brandJoseph’s Gourmet Pasta says its Steak & Portobello Ravioli is so authentic and hearty, a restaurant patron might reach for a knife. Yet, they won’t need one—because the grilled hangar steak is so tender. 
“It is the old-fashioned techniques—such as fire-roasting mushrooms, vegetables and garlic; and caramelizing—that produce our ‘made-from-scratch flavors,’” says Paolo Dutto, general manager. “We are a chef-driven, artisanal, authentic Italian pasta company. We are obsessed with the quality of our ingredients, and that’s why our motto is ‘It’s what’s inside that counts.’” Dutto says Joseph’s Gourmet Pasta offers more than 100 distinct pasta and sauce offerings.