Gluten Free Gravy in body

October 3/Toronto -- McCormick Canada has introduced Club House Gluten-Free Turkey and Gluten-Free Brown Gravy Mixes for gluten-free gourmet gravy at home. Containing no artificial colors and flavors, the new gravies also promise 25% less salt than the Club House original gravies.

According to gluten-free chef Ashton Lauren, "We might as well dive right into the holiday food conversations! From the mashed potatoes to the Brussels sprouts, gravy is the tie that binds everything on the Thanksgiving plate. It’s a wonder we don’t make it more often."

"Although it frightens a lot of people, making gravy just needs a little secret simplifier like Club House Gravy Mixes to help get it right. To one package of Club House Gluten-Free Brown Gravy Mix or Club House Gluten-Free Gravy Turkey Mix, simply add one cup of water or meat drippings plus water to equal one cup. A little amount of drippings will do, but the more the better,” suggests Lauren.