Greek Yogurt Cakes in body

October 25/Buffalo, N.Y. -- With Greek yogurt riding an unrelenting wave of popularity, Rich Products Corporation has fashioned a new dessert category with the launch of Greek frozen yogurt bar cakes and cupcakes under the Jon Donaire Greek Frozen Yogurt brand of bar cakes and cupcakes.

Rich’s is first to the marketplace with the portfolio of three offerings in the new “Greek frozen yogurt cakes and cupcakes” category:  the Jon Donaire Strawberry Granola Greek Frozen Yogurt Bar Cake, the Jon Donaire Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt Bar Cake, and the Jon Donaire Mixed Berry Greek Frozen Yogurt Cupcake.

“Greek yogurt has become a force in the retail marketplace, especially with younger crowds seeking a more-wholesome alternative to regular ice cream,” said Liz Perkins, senior marketing manager, In-Store Bakery, Rich Products Corporation.  “Jon Donaire Greek Frozen Yogurt cakes and cupcakes are another example of Rich’s knack for innovative products that give customers a competitive edge.  These new freezer items were created for younger consumers seeking everyday personal indulgences and the added health benefits of Greek yogurt, which has been extremely well-accepted by American shoppers.”

The Jon Donaire Strawberry Granola Greek Frozen Yogurt Bar Cake consists of strawberry Greek frozen yogurt with low-fat granola, strawberry-flavored puree, crunchies and whipped icing.  The Jon Donaire Chocolate Greek Frozen Yogurt Bar Cake boasts chocolate Greek frozen yogurt with chocolate chunks, crunchies, curls and whipped icing.  Both bar cakes serve six to eight people and have four times more protein per serving than regular ice cream cakes.

Cupcakes continue to be a phenomenon in their own right.  The Jon Donaire Mixed Berry Frozen Greek Yogurt Cupcakes, sold in a six-pack clamshell, are white cupcakes filled with mixed-berry-flavored Greek frozen yogurt and berry-flavored whipped topping.