pre-portioned cookies Bake’n Joy Foods’ FreshBakes Preportioned Cookie Doughs come in two new varieties, appealing to health and tasty-treat decadence. One is an all-natural, 100% Whole Grain Cranberry Chocolate Granola Cookie, an oatmeal-based cookie made with cranberries dates, dark chocolate, honey and molasses, real butter and sunflower kernels. It delivers 10g of whole grains per cookie and zero trans fats. The second is a ButterRich Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie featuring semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, real butter and “just the right balance of natural mint flavor,” the company says. It also contains no trans fats. Bake’n Joy, North Andover, Mass., says each pre-portioned cookie dough piece is neatly deposited onto paper for easy panning.