Chocodile Twinkies
Kansas City, Mo./Press Release -- Previously so elusive that they inspired a black market following, Hostess Chocodile Twinkies will be available in stores nationwide for the first time. 
With production and distribution in the past limited to the West Coast, Chocodiles developed a cult-like following, appearing on unsanctioned social media pages and auction sites, with reports of the rare chocolate covered Twinkie selling for upwards of $30 for a box. The fun-sized urban legend now will become a permanent part of the Hostess family, nearly a year after the company staged the “Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.” 
“In the past Chocodiles seemed to be shrouded as much in mystery as in chocolate, inspiring an obsession among fans that was truly the stuff of legends,” said William Toler, president and CEO of Hostess Brands LLC. “Now, fanatics will once again be able to satisfy their cravings and a new generation will be able to experience the magic for the first time.”