WILD, Tropical Fruits, flavorsFamiliar with camu camu or pink guava? If not, processors can get to know them in WILD's new Tropical Fruits range of flavors. These natural products add an exotic nuance in many different beverage categories, such as near waters, still drinks and carbonated soft drinks.

Tropical fruits are in high demand – and in a variety of beverage categories, too. Market data confirm this trend. Some of the latest 2014 research by Innova indicates that pineapple, mango, passion fruit, coconut, lemon and guava were the most popular tropical fruit flavors among new soft drink launches from 2007 to 2013.

These fruity flavors appeal to consumers' palates while also offering a special kick and a touch of the exotic. Events, such as the World Cup or the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, both held in Brazil, are helping boost the tropical trend. WILD has responded to this increased interest by expanding its flavor portfolio to include new hints of exotic fruits.


Summertime feeling guaranteed

WILD's natural “Tropical Fruits” flavor range features the full spectrum of tropical fruits – from fruity flavors such as passion fruit, coconut, pineapple and mango; to citrus options such as orange and mandarin. These are seen as exotic fruits, which makes them interesting, but also, consumers are familiar with them, and enjoy their taste.

In addition to its “classic” options, WILD's portfolio also includes exotic kaffir lime, pink guava, guaraná and camu camu flavors for consumers who want even more variety. WILD’s natural flavors palette covers an exciting range of different profiles and nuances.


Multi-talented tropical delights

Camu camu is only one of the many new choices in the ingredient manufacturer's portfolio. This cherry-like red fruit was first grown in the Amazon region, where it is peeled and eaten or used for juice. It has remarkably high levels of vitamin C, around 40 times higher than oranges. Consequently, it is said to stimulate the immune system. Largely unknown in Europe, the camu camu berry has a flavor that is rich, fruity and exotic. This will make it especially inviting to consumers who want to experience an exciting new flavor.


For drinks with and without carbonation

WILD ingredients are offered as single flavor, but they can also be blended with other flavors. Popular combinations for beverages include pineapple and mandarin; pink guava and coconut; mango and coconut; guaraná and passion fruit; and lemon and camu camu. WILD's new range with the taste of tropical fruits is ideal for numerous different beverage categories. The tropical range can be declared on the label as a natural flavor, which satisfies the consumers' desire for natural ingredients.


Fruit Flavors from nature

Processing natural ingredients has been part of WILD's philosophy since the beginning. Being one of the leading suppliers of flavors, WILD offers experience and expertise for advanced solutions, made from nature.

Sourcing globally for high-quality raw material other than the European fruits and popular citrus ingredients, the WILD portfolio also includes a number of exotic varieties. Favorites, such as Indian Totapuri for mango, aromatic Senga Sengana for strawberry, and sweet juicy Caribbean pineapples are only a few of the choices available.

New tropical flavors in the WILD portfolio: Camu Camu, Kaffir Limette, Pink Guave, and Guaraná are the taste of the summer. They create an exotic nuance for many food and beverage categories.

With these carefully selected natural products, combined with solid know-how and state-of-the-art process technologies, WILD obtains flavor extracts containing all significant substances and components solely from the named fruit, commonly known as FTNF flavors.

Aimed to suit juice applications as "add back flavors" in variable and standardized concentrations, FTNF flavors enable manufacturers to produce high-quality products with clear, variety pure and typical flavor profiles.

—WILD Flavors Inc., www.wildflavors.com