A new survey commissioned and released by Mars Chocolate North America shows that roughly three out of 10 Americans either work or spend a significant amount of time outside in warm weather during the summer months and, of those, a whopping 74 percent are seeking better refreshment opportunities. 


STARBURST™ Brand Sorbet Bars from Mars Ice Cream provide a light and refreshing taste of a STARBURST™ strawberry fruit chew in a cool sorbet bar with 70 delicious calories.

“While the majority of Americans typically look forward to the summer months as a time to enjoy themselves in the warm weather, for others it means uncomfortably hot working conditions,” said Roy Benin, Chief Consumer Officer, Mars Chocolate North America. “We’re happy to be able to provide an easy – and flavorful – opportunity for everyone to take five minutes for themselves, enjoy a STARBURST™ Brand Sorbet Bar and feel a sense of refreshment.”

The survey found that Americans who work outside, or spend a substantial amount of time outside, come from a wide variety of professions, including construction workers, firefighters, policemen, landscapers, postal service workers and deliverymen. The survey also polled students, many of whom commute to and from classes in the heat, often on foot or by bike, for significant amounts of time each day. The survey found:

The new STARBURST™ Brand Sorbet Bars are available at Wal-Mart and select grocery stores nationwide in 4-packs (2.6 oz.) for just $3.99. STARBURST™ Brand Sorbet Bar Singles are available for $1.49 each in many convenience stores nationwide.

In an effort to bring refreshment to two of the hottest cities in America – Houston and Las Vegas – STARBURST™ Brand Sorbet Bars will conduct sampling opportunities to students at universities in both markets. Additionally, construction workers and firefighters will be treated to a STARBURST™ Sorbet Bar oasis, allowing them the opportunity to cool off and refresh with the new product.