iTi Tropicals (iTi), the leading importer of 100% pure coconut water in bulk, released its survey of market data and concluded that coconut water products with added sweeteners represent about 75% of the coconut water market.

iTi says consumers may not realize there are essentially two categories of coconut water products: (1) those with no added sugars and (2) those with added sugars.  It may be challenging for consumers to identify all products with added sugars because testing by a reputable laboratory reveals that some of the sweetened coconut water products, which represent about 15% of the market, fail to declare added sugars.

Meanwhile, iTi views the use of coconut water in formulating reduced calorie 100% juice blends as one of the market’s biggest emerging growth opportunities. Some of the cleanest, least-processed, packaged foods on the market are 100% juice products. As consumers look for alternatives to sugary soft drinks that are lower in calories and sugars, 100% juice blends made with coconut water offer an attractive option.  

Coconut water is the ideal ingredient to accomplish this goal.  For example, in an 8oz. serving of coconut water, there are only 36 calories versus 140 calories for grape of the same serving size, 113 calories for orange, and 150 calories for pomegranate.  A 50/50 coconut water blend with any of these fruit juices could reduce the caloric content by 30-50% and the beverage could still be labeled as 100% juice.

iTi recently designed a new website ( for developers with FAQs, application ideas, news and a calculator for pricing and calories. This calculator can simply be used to compare the cost and calories for several ingredients, or as a more comprehensive cost and calorie calculation for new beverage development.

Coconut water also can be used to reduce the thickness of highly viscous purees and yogurts, which are the complete opposite of banana puree that can be used to increase viscosity in fruit smoothies and other products.  And, being relatively bland, coconut water does not interfere with other flavors and allows for the development of a 100% juice product with simple ingredients the consumer can pronounce, an ideal viscosity, and an improved nutritional profile with lower sugars and calories. 

iTi has many solutions for both the unsweetened and sweetened category as well as ideas how to blend 100% juices and reduce the overall caloric content.  Iti also offers a wide range of coconut waters from Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand that are all guaranteed 100% authentic.  It also has organic solutions and furthermore offers product concept ideas.  For a full report including testing methods and solutions iTi offers, please request iTi’s White Paper on coconut water.

—iTi Tropicals Inc.,