Mizkan,  Angostura aromatic bittersMizkan Americas Food Ingredients Division has added Angostura aromatic bitters to its food ingredients line. Long known as a staple in every well-stocked bar, Angostura has experienced a rise in demand as consumers increase their consumption of classic cocktails and use of bitters in the kitchen.  

Angostura aromatic bitters are a skillfully blended variety of tropical herbs, botanicals and spices made from the original recipe conceived by Dr. Johann Siegert in 1824. Bitters are naturally salt-free, gluten-free and are simple to use. Previously packed in glass bottles, Angostura bitters are now available in 5-gallon pails and in 55-gallon drums, making it easier for industrial use. Bitters also are shelf stable so there’s no refrigeration needed. 

Just a small amount makes a memorable culinary impact on formulations of marinades, dressings, sauces, soups, demi-glazes, drink mixes, food bases and prepackaged meals.

“Bitters have been growing in popularity alongside the renaissance of retro cocktail drinks,” says Dave Sackett, Mizkan Food Ingredients senior director of sales and marketing. “Restaurant chefs began including them in entree recipes because bitters have the unique ability to enhance flavors and marry flavors in all dishes.  Bitters temper the acidity in a recipe. By offering bitters to food manufacturers, Mizkan is staying on top of chef-driven culinary trends. Whether a dish is sweet or savory, bitters work to improve flavor.” 

– Mizkan Americas Food Ingredients Division, www.mizkan.com