Naturex recognizes growing consumer demand for naturally colored food and drinks. That’s why the company continues to grow its NAT color® portfolio, which offers endless product development possibilities. 

NAT color® offers two complementary lines to meet specific challenges: E-Color™, a full range of natural color additives; and VegeBrite™, which offers a palette of pure fruit, vegetable and algae concentrates.

Want to add attractive, natural colors and create a new look for confectionery, beverage or dairy products? Naturex knows that each product category has its own challenges. That’s why Naturex employs a team of highly skilled color experts and food scientists to support and advise manufacturers throughout the new product development process.

Here’s a brief look at offerings, by category:

Dairy & Ice Cream
Want to match the vivid shade of Red #40 using kosher-certified natural colors in dairy products? Try NAT color®’s exclusive red beetroot concentrate. With a redder shade compared to standard natural colors on the market, this vibrant red can perfectly match artificial ones. It also can be used in a wide range of dairy products, including yogurt, ice cream and smoothies.

Achieve vibrant red and juicy yellow colors by using the NAT color® range, which combines a selection of red fruit and vegetable concentrates. Naturex can help create stabilized micro-emulsions to achieve juicy turbidity or full clarity in drinks—depending on application needs. On request, color experts will perform stability tests and assist customers with clean label development.

Naturex has developed oil-dispersible natural pigments to increase the intensity of colors in confectionery compound coatings. The miChroma™ line offers a wide selection of colors. Naturex also has created a new generation, known as miChroma Plus™, to add more fantasy to fat coatings. It offers possibilities for sophisticated decoration with no fat-to-fat migration. This ensures good stability throughout shelf life. Naturex miChroma™ orange, red and green colors can make any seasonal product naturally unique.