Vitalicious announced the newest “vital and delicious” addition to the Vitalicious family for breakfast or a snack: the EnergyLoaf. Thanks to a unique combination of fiber, protein and B vitamins, each EnergyLoaf helps provide sustained, balanced energy throughout the day. Each features only the best ingredients and vital nutrients—not stimulants as in some energy drinks and bars. 


“Thanks to a special formulation, the EnergyLoaf can provide long-lasting, sustained energy,” says Vitalicious Founder and Chairman Aryeh Hecht. “Each EnergyLoaf contains fiber and protein, which are both digested at a slow, consistent rate. The EnergyLoaf is also an excellent source of B vitamins B-6, B-12, folic acid and niacin, which help convert food into energy. Furthermore, the combined benefits of protein, fiber and B vitamins together can make you feel fuller for longer than less nutrient dense foods.” Each 1.9 oz. individually-wrapped EnergyLoaf is fully baked and then flash frozen to lock in freshness, maintain nutritionals and deliver “Freshly Baked Taste” anytime. As with all Vitalicious’ products, the EnergyLoaf is made without preservatives or artificial coloring. Each contains:

• High protein (5g)
• High fiber (8g)
• An excellent source of B vitamins
• No cholesterol
• Whole grains
• Low fat (2g – 3.5g)
• Lower calories (110 – 120)

Available in three varieties, Banana Nut, Apple Cinnamon and Harvest Corn, the EnergyLoaf is sold in a box of four and is currently available online at and in select stores in the frozen section.