PacificOatmeal225.jpgPacific Foods broke into the breakfast category with a line of organic ready-to-eat steel-cut oatmeal that goes from box to bowl in minutes.

Packed with 4-7 grams of protein and 25+ grams of heart-healthy whole grains per serving, Pacific’s oatmeal is also a good source of fiber. It’s made in the traditional way: slow cooked in small batches, with touches of brown sugar, aromatic cinnamon and superfoods like flax and chia added to create a variety of hearty, heat-and-eat options.

“Most people who love steel-cut oats save them for the weekend because of the extra time and attention they require. With kids and pets and morning chaos, who’s got time to man the stove for thirty minutes?” said Kevin Tisdale, vice president of marketing for Pacific Foods. “Now, oatmeal lovers can cut corners on their morning routine because they know Pacific Foods didn’t.”

Pacific’s certified-organic oatmeal is vegan, dairy free, and soy free, and made from non-GMO ingredients. On shelves in April in the hot cereal sections of natural food stores and conventional grocers nationwide (SRP $2.99 for 10 oz.), the five flavors are great as is, or as a canvas to customize with favorite sweet or savory toppings:

• Apple & Cinnamon
• Flax & Chia Power
• Lightly Sweetened
• Maple & Brown Sugar
• Unsweetened