Sweet Street Desserts is known worldwide as an innovator in the dessert industry, baking for restaurants and cafes in over 60 countries, on every continent. Rooted in Sandy Solmon's, Founder and CEO of Sweet Street Desserts, principles that luscious and craveable foods have no bounds, the Company continues to reinvent itself with a new line of pre-proofed Croissants. Golden and flaky with lofty, buttery layers, these authentic, all-butter croissants are handcrafted to consistently deliver a perfect pastry with every bake. While providing an unfolding fragrant and flavorful experience for your customers to enjoy and savor throughout the day with a favorite beverage or as the perfect complement to a signature dish. 


Sweet Street's process is the culmination of years of research and development steeped in experimentation. Building on the techniques of old-world patissers, they skillfully layer their dough with European-style butter, folding and rolling time and time again. Achieving the complexity of flavor and texture is realized through their extended fermentation period, slowly and naturally enhancing the essence and richness of the dough. When the dough is fully rested, their chefs craft it into its distinctive crescent shape. Pre-proofed for operational ease, Sweet Street's Croissants offer the simplicity of freezer-to-oven preparation.