Chili Pepper Extract and Energy Expenditure

Ajinomoto Co. Ltd., and a group led by professor Masayuki Saito of Tenshi College in Sapporo, Japan, have found a single ingestion of capsinoids, a sweet chili pepper extract, appears to increase energy expenditure, especially “in people with a high level of activity in brown adipose tissue.” The finding may have implications for controlling obesity, which is affected by the activation of brown adipose tissue, according to recent studies. Previous research has shown brown adipose tissue is involved in the regulation of energy expenditure and changes in body-fat levels. Capsinoids have been shown to increase energy expenditure, so the purpose of the research being announced has been to examine whether activation of brown adipose tissue has a role in this effect. Ajinomoto Co. Ltd.,

Clearly Different
Cargill introduced Clear Valley® Omega-3 Oil, claimed to be “a revolutionary canola flaxseed oil blend,” at IFT this July. Recently achieving GRAS self-determination, the ingredient will enable food manufacturers to make “good source of ALA (alpha linolenic acid) omega-3” or “excellent source of ALA omega-3” nutrient content claims on the front of the package, says Cargill. The new oil contains up to 30% of ALA omega-3 and provides a minimum of 160mg of ALA in most applications. Clear Valley Omega-3 Oil, which is patent pending, is now available for product trial testing. Cargill, 952-742-6000,

Safely Reduce Microbial Load
Through a seamless introduction of product into most existing systems, processors can now, without using heat or dangerous chemicals, reduce microbial growth by fogging, spraying and/or immersion, according to P.L. Thomas. Unlike some antibiotics, BIOSECUR® is not mutagenic, the company claims. Labeled as “organic citric extract,” it is a honey-colored, crystalline complex of organic citrus extract liquid from the flavedo and albedo layers of citrus fruits, using a proprietary hydro-glycerin process. The company states it has low use levels for fungi, bacteria and yeast, and applications include food, supplements and cosmeceuticals. P.L. Thomas, 973-984-0900, ext. 214,

Searching for Solutions  
Century Foods International offers customers complete turn-key solutions, from formulation to production to packaging and labeling. The company manufactures and markets dairy proteins and nutritional products under private label and contract manufacturing agreements for the food, health, sports and nutritional supplement industries. Powder products include whey protein, muscle builders, recovery products, beverage mixes and dietary supplements, to name a few. RTD products, such as weight-control and energy drinks; flavored, enhanced waters; and nutritional beverages, are developed in state-of-the-art labs, says the company. Process specialties include blending, particle separation, instantizing, fluid bed drying and more. Century Foods International, a division of Hormel Corp., 800-269-1901,

Wheying In at IFT
The sports nutrition ingredients of FrieslandCampina’s DOMO® make for a range of demineralized whey products, whey and milk protein concentrates, hydrolyzed protein products, galacto-oligosaccharides and more. Featured at IFT was a granola bar enriched with Vivinal® GOS, said to regulate digestive health, improve calcium absorption and stimulate immune function. Other ingredients of note were Glutamine Peption®, a wheat gluten hydrolysate, rich in peptide-bound glutamine and claimed to aid in recovery, fuel muscle tissue and support immune function; and LE80GF-US, partially hydrogenated whey protein, which the company says is rich in readily available BCAAs for muscle protein synthesis and features excellent sensory qualities. FrieslandCampina Domo, 201-655-7786,

Grapes for the Heart
Cyvex Nutrition’s BioVin® Full Spectrum Grape Extract and BioVin 20 Grape Skin Extract have successfully achieved self-determined GRAS status and can be used in a wide range of functional foods and beverages, says the company. With this status, manufacturers can now transform conventional food and beverage offerings into products that deliver “powerful antioxidant and heart-health benefits,” states Cyvex. BioVin is a full-spectrum grape extract manufactured from whole red wine grapes from the Rhone Valley in France. By using the grape in its entirety, including stems, seeds and skin, all the beneficial phytochemicals can be extracted, including anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, trans-resveratrol and polyphenols. Cyvex Nutrition,

Powered Probiotics
A new, patent-pending ingredient technology, Zymolaise™, from TandemRain, is said to enhance the strength, vitality, culturing rate, survivability and shelflife of numerous probiotic strains. Claimed benefits that can potentially enhance existing probiotic processes include: increased probiotic culture rates, with higher yields, faster results and reduced production times; the ability to withstand rigors of formulation and stomach acids; a longer probiotic shelflife; and a more robust strain of probiotics. Zymolaise “provides a critical boost to probiotics during the lag, log, stationary and death phases,” states company literature. Applications include food, beverages, essential ingredients, dietary supplements and industrial uses. TandemRain Innovations Inc., 360-597-1632,

Pleasing the Palate
Visitors to Fortitech’s IFT booth enjoyed food and beverage samples that demonstrated the company’s expertise in fortification. Its custom nutrient pre-mixes do not impact the taste, mouthfeel, texture or stability of the finished product, says Fortitech. Attendees were invited to sample fortified yogurt containing nutrients, such as vitamin D3, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous; a children’s snack mix claimed to boost cognitive function; and a variety of stick-packs, including a dry powder to be added to water for a personalized, flavored and health-promoting beverage. Fortitech, 518-372-5155,

Tour de Function
Embria® Health Sciences’ immune health ingredient, EpiCor®, was part of this year’s Trend & Solution Tour at IFT. Two fortified beverages were offered: Natural Carrot Lemonade and Natural Blueberry Pomegranate Acai—both with EpiCor. Attendees also sampled berry-flavored chews and menthol-flavored lozenges in which EpiCor was the key ingredient. In addition to showcasing products, Embria distributed a complete Science Report on the human clinical research backing EpiCor’s ability to help maintain immune balance. Embria Health Sciences, NS