Muscle synthesisKemin describes new AssuriTEA Men’s Health as a proprietary formula of catechins and theaflavins that supports urological health—a top health concern for older men. With age, men are more at risk of an enlarged prostate; in some cases, this can result in unpleasant or bothersome symptoms commonly known as lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). AssuriTEA Men’s Health is generally suitable for use in international markets and is affirmed as GRAS for certain foods and beverages. Comprised of a carefully selected blend of green and black tea varieties from fully traceable plant sources, AssuriTEA is 100% water-extracted and, therefore, does not contain harsh solvents and chemical residues. Unlike other commonly used botanical ingredients, AssuriTEA’s all-natural formula does not cause gastrointestinal distress and other reported undesirable side effects, says the company.