Balance waterBalance Water, New York City, says new Balance Cleanse is a premium, non-flavored, American spring water infused with Australian botanicals that impart a gentle diuretic benefit.

Balance says it hand picks botanicals in Australia and processes there with spring water in a tea-like infusion. The company adds more high altitude spring water from California’s Sierra Nevada area and Catskills, N.Y. Officials say the Cleanse product includes botanicals from papaya, she-oak, bush Iris and bottlebrush. This high-altitude spring water has low total dissolved solids, perfect neutral pH of 7.0 and a clean, crisp taste.

“Balance exists in a white space between a water and a tea and being non-flavored gives it widespread appeal,” says co-founder Martin Chalk.

Other Balance popular varieties include Balance Relax (for unwinding); Refresh (restoring equilibrium); Mind (focus, concentration) and Travel (avoiding jet lag).


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