Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. introduced Nirvana HMB + Vitamin D3 spring water.

The newest member in a family of innovative, functional beverages infused with science-backed benefits, Nirvana HMB + Vitamin D3 packs a powerful punch mixing muscle recovery with immunity.

HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate) is known to help build lean muscle mass, increase strength, and improve muscle recovery. Now, science has shown that Vitamin D3 is also essential for helping muscles reach their full functional potential.

Naji Abumrad, MD, FACS, Chairman of Nirvana's Scientific Advisory Board, advises, "When combined with HMB, Vitamin D3 optimizes the effectiveness of HMB producing a powerful synergistic effect. Layer on the added immunity boosting benefits of Vitamin D3, optimize the delivery in water, and you have a powerhouse combination."

With Nirvana's exclusive license on the myHMB Clear formulation for infusion in water, Nirvana HMB + Vitamin D3 is a water infused with evidence-based muscle recovery and immunity benefits.