Relief OTC, heartburn reliefThe makers of Relief OTC™, a new, fast-acting liquid antacid, has a question for millions of heartburn sufferers nationwide: Isn't it time to upgrade your medicine cabinet and demand a better option for heartburn relief?

“Forgoing the chalky flavor and gritty texture of most antacids, Relief OTC is a great-tasting drink that begins to work instantly by neutralizing stomach acid at the source of pain,” says Tummy Company Inc., Phoenix.  Officials say the new product hit the shelves of CVS and Walgreens, along with other food and drug stores nationwide in late May.

"We have created something different for people who have all but given up in finding fast relief," says Doug daCosta, executive chairman of Tummy Company. A longtime heartburn sufferer, daCosta says created the product to fill an unmet demand in the market for fast-acting, drinkable heartburn relief with no known side effects.

An estimated 100 million Americans experience heartburn several times a month, according to the American Gastroenterological Association.

Orange Crème flavored Relief OTC comes in 4oz and larger 12oz bottles. In addition to food and drug stores, the product can be found on Amazon and For more information, visit