Extend Nutrition, St. Louis, says its new sugar-free and gluten-free protein bars are clinically proven to help control blood sugar for six to nine hours. Officials say new Cookies & Cream and Chocolate & Caramel bars are currently available at extendbar.com, with retail sales to begin later this year.  

The two new all-natural bars are uniquely sweetened with stevia, sugar free, low glycemic, packed with 10g of protein, and contain only 130-140 calories.

“Many popular protein bars that are marketed to health conscious consumers are actually loaded with sugar and fat, in an attempt to taste good,” says Outreach Manager Jonathan Lindberg. “Amazingly, our R&D team developed a bar that not only has superior nutrition, but has an unbeatable taste.”

Lindberg says new Chocolate & Caramel has a rich layer of chocolate nougat, topped with chewy caramel and coated in silky sugar-free chocolate. (Available in a pack of 15, 1.48oz Bars, MSRP $23.99) Cookies & Cream is a chewy, cookie-dough flavored nougat topped with sweet cream then dipped in a smooth sugar-free chocolate coating. (Available in a pack of 15, 1.48 oz. Bars, MSRP $23.99)

Along with the bars, Extend Nutrition offers shakes, crisps and drizzles—all made with a patented “nutra9 blend,” which is clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. Blood sugar control is the key to diabetes management. The formulation was developed by Dr. Francine Kaufman, a well-known endocrinologist and former president of the American Diabetes Association. Officials say Extend Nutrition began in the late 1990’s as a mail order company and then launched an e-commerce website as orders for the product grew.

Recently, Extend Nutrition has gained worldwide distribution with partners including Walgreens, CVS, Target and Amazon.

To promote its new bars, Extend Nutrition has a one-time discount code of 15% OFF, available at ExtendBar.com. The product will be launched at Amazon.com and Drugstore.com in the coming weeks, and introduced to retail stores in the coming months.

“We have always been committed to helping people take small, simple steps to healthier living, and now we are making it easier and tastier than ever with our new products” says company President Kevin Dalrymple.

Learn more about Extend Nutrition here.