Corbion Caravan’s new Vantage 250 Dough Conditioner is a label-friendly product that strengthens and relaxes dough while it reduces stress on equipment.

In fact, when Corbion Caravan technical specialists introduced Vantage 250, customers’ initial reaction had as much to do with equipment as it did with final product. 


"Our customers were delighted with the improved lamination process and ease of gaining extra layers of flavor," says Eric Spelger, scientist. "What they didn't expect—and were really happy to see—was how the dough treated with Vantage 250 relaxed and flowed better. When we included the Vantage 250, processing equipment was able to laminate twice the amount of fat/dough while at the same time reducing the stress and energy input of the sheeting equipment."

Spelger says improving the dough machinability leads to improved volume for the finished product. In turn, the increased volume leads to a better bake, improved crust flavor development and better mouth feel for products such as Danish, croissants and crackers.

"As a label-friendly dough conditioner, Vantage 250 creates flakier pastries that are more appealing and satisfying to consumers," says Spelger. "And the lamination advantages of Vantage 250 create stronger crackers for less breakage during production and packaging."

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