The standard of performance for organic dough rises higher today with the introduction of Corbion's Pristine® Organic 522, the company's most advanced organic dough improver to date. 

The latest addition to the already robust Pristine® range of clean-label dough conditioners can be used in both organic and non-GMO formulations, and consistently outperforms competing products—delivering  better machinability and oven spring, increased volume and, in some cases, reduced mix time.

"We believe Pristine® Organic 522 will begin to change what consumers can expect from organic baked goods in terms of a quality eating experience," says Ashley Robertson, Corbion market manager-Bakery. "This category has been considered a healthy option by many consumers for some time, but now organic bakers can deliver more of the appealing sensory attributes associated with the best in baking."

Bread with Pristine® Organic 522 consistently tested better at six days and 14 days compared to the control (bread made with competing products) in terms of the three key attributes of crumb texture: firmness, resilience and adhesiveness. It also scored higher than the control in all categories of sensory testing, including freshness, taste, softness, texture and moistness, and was preferred three-to-one over the control. The new dough improver was used in conjunction with Corbion's Ultra Fresh® Classic 110 blend of freshness enzymes to extend shelf life.

"Enhancing the sensory aspects of organic baked goods will broaden the audience for this premium category," Robertson says. "It's another example of how advancements in our baking technology create more opportunity for the industry." 

In a proprietary study conducted by Corbion in 2014, 67 percent of consumers surveyed indicated that the types of ingredients used in food products influenced their purchasing decisions. That is why Corbion created the Pristine® line of dough conditioners, helping bakers enhance the quality and consistency of their products, optimize manufacturing performance, and appeal to a broader segment of consumers, including those looking for foods with "cleaner, simpler" ingredient declarations.

About Corbion

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