Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated (Clearwater or Clearwater Seafoods) anticipates strong interest in its newest value-added offerings for foodservice operators, food processors and retailers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The company's new frozen lobster meat products and scallop products, which provide increased consistency of quality, versatility of use and labour savings, will be introduced at the world's largest seafood show, Seafood Expo Global (SEG), in Brussels, Belgium, on April 21-23. 


"Our focus is to create culinary-inspired offerings with our premium lobster and scallops, providing operators and processors easy-to-use and delicious new options," said Michael Hollis, Clearwater EMEA Director of Sales. "We've developed a highly innovative method to reduce the moisture loss that occurs naturally during thawing for all proteins, and particularly premium proteins such as lobster, simultaneously improving taste and texture," Hollis explained. "In addition, we've created labour-free lobster portions that provide valuable time and financial savings, while also improving plate coverage and consistency."

Lobster with Natural Ingredients

The signature taste of Clearwater Seafoods' Nova Scotia live Premium Hardshell Fresh™ lobster is now available in new and improved claw & knuckle, knuckle or leg fresh-frozen meat formats. The new items have been produced using the company's proprietary all natural moisture-retention process to protect and retain the nutrient-rich moisture of the lobster. The company's groundbreaking blend of natural ingredients serves to seal the microscopic pores in lobster meat, resulting in a succulent taste.

Operators and processors can store these products frozen, eliminating daily deliveries and live tanks. No precooking or shucking is required, translating into significant labour savings. The new items retain the same familiar look of live lobster and are portion-controlled, convenient and versatile.

Formed Lobster Meat Portions with Natural Ingredients & Formed Lobster Meat Portions Blended with Wild Cod

Incorporating the same proprietary moisture-retention process, Clearwater Seafoods is introducing two new options for pre-portioned, fresh-frozen premium lobster.

Available in either 8g or 15 g portions, the new lobster meat portions are made by forming and individually freezing the company's premium raw lobster meat into portions. Ready-to-cook and serve, the uniform discs break apart into recognizable pieces of lobster for any dish, including pastas, risottos and steak toppers. Consistent portions are a valuable benefit to processors and foodservice operators.

Another option for operators and processors is Clearwater Seafoods' new premium lobster meat portions blended with North Atlantic wild cod. This meat, available in 8g or 15 g frozen medallions, is heat stable and can be moulded into a variety of formats, making it a perfect solution for canapés, burgers or meat balls.

Scallop Selects and Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

As demand for sustainably-sourced Atlantic sea scallops continues to outpace supply, Clearwater Seafoods introduces Scallop Selects. Made from 100-per cent natural, MSC-certified wild caught Patagonian scallops, Scallop Selects are formed into uniform medallions, and then individually quick-frozen.

Clearwater is continuously looking for new ways to serve its products, meeting today's consumers' needs; new Bacon Wrapped Scallops combine our finest wild-caught Canadian sea scallops wrapped in a delicious thinly-cut bacon. The result is a succulent appetizer - oven-ready, no preparation required - which can be served at parties and informal gatherings. These are also available as Bacon Wrapped Scallop Selects.