The University of Wisconsin will hold its annual Resident Course in Confectionery Technology, known as “Candy School,” from July 20-31, 2015 on campus in Madison, Wisconsin. 


It is a two-week intensive course, centered on confectionery science for R&D and processing professionals. The class sessions are taught by experts in each subject. The curriculum includes classroom lectures and hands-on experiences in the Food Science department pilot plant. Subjects covered include hard candy (sugar and sugar free) gum, gummies and jellies, nougats and taffy, fondants and creams, panning, and chocolate. Formulas and process techniques are a major part of the focus.

First sponsored by the National Confectioners Association in 1963, the Resident Course in Confectionery Technology is designed to instruct technical, production, research and managerial personnel in the confection, functional confection, and nutraceutical industries. More than 1,200 students from around the world have attended the course over the last 50 years.

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