Vegetable Juices’ new savory vegetable juice concentrates add truly authentic, bold taste to a wide range of applications including soups, sauces, dressings and marinades—as well as dairy products and cheeses and even baked goods. 

Jalapeno Flavor Concentrate / Fresh TypeThese concentrates also are label friendly because they’re 100% natural, low fat, low sodium with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or colors.

New offerings include:

Onion Flavor Concentrate / Fresh Type
Description: Sweet, mildly sulfurous with very fresh top notes and a lingering savory finish.

Onion Flavor Concentrate / Sautéed Type
Description: Rich savory, sautéed vegetable nuances with mild caramelized onion top notes.

Celery Flavor Concentrate / Fresh Type
Description: Fresh, clean, crisp green celery flavor with a slight umami nuance, distinctive herbaceous notes, strong aromatics, and delicate taste.

Description: Fresh, green chili pepper flavor similar to green bell pepper, with medium heat intensity.

Also coming soon is a Garlic Flavor Concentrate.

Vegetable Juices, Inc., a Naturex company, has more than 80 years of experience with developing and producing high quality natural ingredients for industrial use. Its juices, concentrates, purees, dices, and blends extend the flavor, health aspects, texture, and visual appeal of savory, sweet, dairy and beverage products enjoyed by millions of consumers every day.

A Natural Ingredient Solutions® line line of products, development expertise, and range of processing capabilities offer clean label solutions that will delight customers and consumers alike.Vegetable Juices has certified organic, kosher, halal, SQF Level 3 certifications.

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