Responding to the popularity of specialized burger offerings and the re-emergence of steakhouse dining concepts, Red Arrow developed three new beef flavors.

Natural Wood Fired Ribeye Flavor RA13044 imparts a fatty and bloody ribeye character that captures the char-grilled notes and slight smoky aroma, reminiscent of cooking over a wood fire.

“Less preparation, equipment and labor are needed to obtain the wood-fired cooking flavor that is appealing in so many applications,” says Suzanne Hammer, flavor business development manager. “Manufacturers and operators can achieve this flavor that adds authenticity to formulations that was previously expensive to create and often inconsistent.”

Natural Charbroiled Tenderloin Flavor RA15003 offers the taste of a rich, beefy tenderloin cooked to medium rare with chargrilled notes, as if it was charbroiled at a traditional steakhouse.

“We are happy to be able to react to customers’ requests. We feel that this cooking method is highly sought after, but often times difficult to achieve,” adds Jodi Schwalbe, Red Arrow marketing manager.

Natural Braised Beef Flavor RA13043 provides a predominantly rich, brown, fatty beef profile with seared and charred notes, followed by slowly cooked vegetables (celery, carrots, onions) and a sweet caramelized top note.

“The Braised Beef Flavor builds depth and sophistication to various applications. It works well in less expensive cuts of meat, burgers, sauces, marinades and soups, just to name a few,” notes Hammer.

Red Arrow offers cooking method flavors such as grill, roast, char, sauté, caramelize and fry. Customized flavor profiles can be developed by Red Arrow’s experienced flavorists and culinary staff.

— Red Arrow Products Company LLC,