Village Tea Company Distribution, Inc., a division of Accel Brands, Inc. announced that it has re-launched its premium loose leaf tea brand at select Whole Foods Markets® in the SW Region.

As a part of the company's ongoing promotional efforts, the company plans to conduct product demonstrations and tastings at this particular location in the coming weeks to re-introduce customers to the brand's unexpected flavor combinations of premium blended loose leaf tea. The company intends to feature both hot tea and iced tea recipes combining some of its most popular blends with two new products that the company plans to launch in an effort to expand its health and wellness platform in the US market in the coming months: a premium 100% organic, flavored Agave Syrup (natural alternative sweetener) and a bottled Alkaline water (8.5 PH and antioxidant rich). Please stay tuned for more details regarding both of these exciting new products in the coming weeks.

"Texas has always been a great market for our brand and we think it is a great place to give a new meaning to the term, 'Texas Sweet Tea,' just in time for the long summer months. As the summer season draws near we will use this opportunity to showcase the various ways that Village Tea Company products can be enjoyed even during the 'dog days' of summer as we continue to look for exciting new ways to expand our brand's retail presence and our company's platform as a leading, year round health and wellness lifestyle brand," stated Janon Costley, CEO of Village Tea.