San Diego-based artisan beef jerky producer, Homegrown Meats, announces that four flavors in the brand’s flagship jerky line — Joel’s Traditional, Western Mesquite Barbeque, Cracked Black Pepper and Paleo — will debut nationwide through Whole Foods Market stores. Homegrown Meats has developed a loyal following in the Southwest Pacific region for its handcrafted, grass-fed and grass-finished jerky and is a go-to for those seeking a healthy jerky option. Crafted to ‘fuel the journey,’ Homegrown jerky uses clean ingredients and strives to supply health-conscious, environmentally aware jerky lovers across the country with a sustainable healthy protein snack.

Homegrown combines its high quality, grass-fed and grass-finished beef with a unique blend of culinary-inspired flavors. The brand offers nine distinct options that range from sweet to progressively spicy: Tangy Orange Teriyaki, Western Mesquite Barbeque, Paleo, Joel’s Traditional, Carne Asada, Cracked Black Pepper, Sriracha Style, Gringo Bandito, and Smoking Hot Jalapeño. Each Homegrown jerky flavor is gluten-free, made without nitrates or nitrites and with no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners. Homegrown will continue to expand its jerky selection with the creation of additional flavors and specialty collaboration projects.

Homegrown is a category standout due to the brand’s direct ties with cattle ranchers. Homegrown Cattle Company, a business that was started on a sixth-generation cattle ranch owned by the Mendenhall family and located in the hills of Palomar Mountain in Southern California, is a partner in Homegrown. Homegrown Cattle Company is also a partner in E&H Foods, a supplier of local organic, grass-fed and grass-finished beef to Whole Foods Market's Southern Pacific region. The owners of Homegrown Cattle Company are committed to humanely raised and cared for animals resulting in a beef product of high caliber.