Omega-9 Oils are made from Dow AgroSciences’ Nexera Canola and Sunflower seeds and have a unique combination of high oleic (omega-9) and low linolenic fatty acids.

This profile gives the oils their light, clean taste and superior performance, making Omega-9 Oils an ideal solution for today’s food industry needs. The unique fatty acid profile of Omega-9 Oils delivers numerous performance benefits, which ultimately make them a cost-effective solution. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including frying, par-frying, sprays, salad dressings, reduced saturated fat shortenings, margarines and spreads.

They also are naturally stable and contribute a greater shelf life in packaged foods. Omega-9 Oils have removed nearly 2 billion pounds of “bad fats” (trans and saturated fats) from the North American diet since their introduction in 2006. Omega-9 Oils’ unique fatty acid profile increases fry life, decreases costs, improves nutritional profiles and supports sustainability.

— Dow AgroSciences,