With the spread of the avian influenza outbreak across the Midwest, concerns about reduced egg supplies and resulting price increases have surged. For food manufacturers, MGP’s Arise® wheat protein isolates provide highly functional, cost- effective alternatives to egg-based proteins in a wide range of products.

MGP’s Arise 6000 and Arise 8000 wheat protein isolates provide many advantages and are especially ideal for inclusion in flour-based products such as bread and other bakery goods, pasta and noodles, and batters and breadings.

“These high performance plant-based ingredients offer great solutions for creating products that possess enhanced protein quantity and quality,” says Michael Buttshaw, vice president of ingredients sales and marketing. “They additionally contain many outstanding functional properties, along with sensory enhancement qualities, that result in processing benefits and help deliver total product satisfaction.”

Arise 6000 possesses minimum protein of 85% (N x 6.25, dry basis) and demonstrates exceptional elastic properties. For bakers, it decreases dough mix time, while increasing dough extensibility, water absorption, bread loaf volume and crumb firmness. It also increases the firmness of pasta and serves as an effective and economical replacement for egg white powder in retorted pasta.

Arise 8000, which features similar benefits, averages a minimum 94% protein (N x 6.25, dry basis). This newest addition to MGP's Arise family of protein isolates also shows enhanced mixing capabilities, along with high viscoelastic properties.

Additional details regarding MGP’s Arise wheat protein isolates and their use as partial egg white replacers, plus recommended applications can be obtained at mgpingredients.com/innovation/arise/ or by calling (866) 547-2122.

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