High Liner Foods introduced Simply Sauce Seafood Bites, a new line of products that will add bite-sized fun and bold flavors to K-12 lunch menus.

Simply Sauce Seafood Bites make it easy for school's to offer students a variety of fun options that meet the USDA's requirements for whole grains. These bite-sized portions of whole-grain, crunchy, breaded seafood are available in three popular species: salmon, pollock and shrimp.

Each case of Simply Sauce Seafood Bites comes with Sweet Asian Sauce, a tasty combination of soy, chili pepper, garlic and spices that combines with the seafood bites to create an irresistible sweet-heat taste combination. There are three great ways schools can serve the seafood bites with the sauce: tossed together, added to the seafood bites on the serving line, or served as a dipping sauce on the side.

The bites are also available without the sauce to give foodservice operators the flexibility to use their own sauces and offer the seafood bites any way they want. Even when served without a sauce, these crunchy seafood bites pack a flavorful punch all on their own, plus they are an ideal menu option for students on the go.

"Simply Sauce Seafood Bites are positioned to satisfy school directors' need to offer students healthy choices and students' demand for great tasting and fun lunch options," said Jim LaBelle, Foodservice Vice-President of Marketing for High Liner Foods. "Our bite-sized seafood options, served with or without sauces, are aligned with today's trend towards more à la carte and grab 'n go lunch alternatives."