TIC Gums will exhibit at Food Ingredients Europe, booth #6K73 in Paris, to showcase a range of cost-in-use savings with innovative hydrocolloid systems.

TIC’s Gum Gurus® have perfected unique technologies to help you manufacture high-oil load beverage emulsions and enhance xanthan dispersion when manufacturing sauces and dressings. Learn more about these specialized hydrocolloid systems from TIC Gums to increase cost-in-use savings and production efficiencies.

Stronger Emulsions
TICAmulsion® A-2010 is now an approved additive for creating flavor-oil emulsions in the European market (E423). Flavor concentrate manufacturers can create high-oil load emulsions of up to 40% without building excess viscosity, enabling production efficiencies, product development opportunities and an overall cost-in-use savings.

Visit www.ticgums.com to download a white paper: “Advanced Technology for High Oil Load Emulsions”

Better Xanthan Dispersion for Sauces, Dressings
Pre-Hydrated® Rapid-3 Powder is an agglomerated xanthan that disperses uniformly to reduce lumps and dusting while reaching the target viscosity at an accelerated rate. This leads to production efficiencies, cost-in-use savings and a more consistent product.

Visit www.ticgums.com to watch TIC Gums’ video and learn more: “Agglomerated Xanthan: Better Hydration. Greater Production Efficiencies.”

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